The aim of this presentation is to present the implementation of new technologies for an archaeological site at the Theatre Square in Warsaw. Excavated “Marywil building” was built in the seventeenth century. The authors present the theoretical and the practical aspects of working with new documentary technologies. Presentation presented the mobile platform database and practical work on tablets in the field. The implemented system integrates the relationships web database associated with the descriptive and photographic/graphic dataset. We present the experience of using a 3D scanner and photoscaning software in archaeology. The authors present some comparative examples. We present photography technique used with drones and practical ways to work with GNSS measurement devices, also.

Download presentation (in polish):   excavations in warsaw



Mud Men is a British television series on History Channel. The series follows members of the Mudlarks Society as they hunt for items on the River Thames foreshore that may have changed the course of history. The series is presented by Johnny Vaughan and Steve „Mud God” Brooker, chairman of the Mudlarks Society.


UK Thursdays 10 PM on History Channel, PL  Tuesdays 20:55 on History HD

In the munsell color order system, colors are ordered based on three attributes: hue, value and chroma. All three attributes are intended to be perceptually uniform. With equal hue or equal value or equal chroma or other rules, you can easily create harmonious color combinations.



Viewing Modes
The ability to see color in 3 dimensions (hue, value and chroma) is important to many. With mColorBook it’s a blast. 3 viewing modes are provided to assist you:
Constant Hue;
Constant Value;
Constant Chroma.

With mColorBook you have access to tens of thousands of subtle colors which vary in:
hue steps down to 0.5;
value steps down to 0.1;
chroma steps down to 0.5.

By using slider, menu items and toolbar items you can navigate to any constant hue (or value or chroma) page freely.

-Detail color info
The build in color inspector allows you to view detail color info (Munsell, RGB, HEX and CMYK color values) of any color sample you point to. Also you can easily copy the color values with handy shortcuts.

-Color accuracy
mColorBook is not just a colorful book, with its build in color management, it is dedicated to show you the color that should be. The color samples are rendered in color space defined by the current profile of your monitor. And color values are displayed in color spaces of profiles according to your selection.  Gamut warning (if any) are also available for each color samples rendered and for each color values displayed.


Available in App Store (lite for free, full version for  $4.99)

There are many web shops for field workers. I found one british  shop – Archtools

The UK’s leading supplier of archaeological tools, trowels and equipment

Sample prices

  • Trowels: £9.00 – £12.99
  • A3 Pre-cut Drafting Film (Permatrace) 75 Micron X 50 Sheets – £37.00
  • Shovel and spades – £6.99-£19.99
  • Archaeology Photo Identifier Cards – £11.99
  • 100 Grip Seal Bags 57 x 76mm (160 Gauge)- £1.00

Shipping costs: Royal Mail – Parcel Force  – €12.08-€46.08 (expensive!)

Archtools Catalogue